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The Looming Disasters of Immaturity

William Halal is a Futurist whose work I have followed for some years. He is a professor emeritus of Science, Technology, and Innovation at George Washington University in Washington DC. Mr. Halal authored an article in The Futurist magazine’s March/April issue, which says: “Technological, economic, and political projections make it clear that the world must mature if it is to survive. The crisis of maturity may...Read More

Are Your Children Being Impacted by the Economic Downturn?

An article in the Wall Street Journal from January 1, authored by Sudeep Reddy entitled “Downturn’s Ugly Trademark: Steep, Lasting Drop in Wages” highlighted a number of interesting points. Among them was a recent US Department of Labor study reflecting that those losing jobs in the United States are more likely than not to suffer lasting income decreases of more than 20%, and that many of them never...Read More

Another Spin on the Old Gun Control Revolver

Sensational media coverage of shootings and particularly of homicides in the United States, almost always results in a rampage from the gun control lobby. The arguments from this group haven’t changed much, but neither have the facts. Empirical evidence has always shown that tighter restrictions on the possession of guns – even hand guns – does not reduce the rate of violent crime; in fact, if there is a...Read More

Dating and Desirability Part Two: A More Exhaustive Study

In a Recent blog on Dating and Desirability, I noted a number of patterns that had been observed in one brief study that related to the impact of income and physical attractivemness on dating and mate selection. Some respondents noted – and I noted as well – that the population in that study was potentially skewed by virtue of the fact that the entire study population was comprised of students at Columbia...Read More

Dating and Desirability

A study on dating preferences and desirability was recently conducted over a period of 2 years, and included observations of more than 400 daters among Columbia University’s various graduate and professional schools. The study involved “speed dating”, with each couple rating their “date” at the end of each 4 minute encounter. The results were interesting in many respects. Among the...Read More

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