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The Growing Problem of Child Homelessness in America

Child homelessness in America, according to the United States Government, is at the highest level since the Great Depression, and continuing to grow rapidly. More than 1 child in every 50 in the United States is now homeless, according to the National Center on Family Homelessness ( Children are defined as “homeless” by the study when they share the...Read More

Lower Incomes Kill People

Lately I have gotten a number of blog responses and Facebook feedback indicating that the disappearance of the Middle Class in America is unimportant. It seems to some folks – usually those who occupy lower income strata themselves – that Americans who have lost their middle-income jobs in manufacturing and other industries should just learn to live with less, and simplify their lives. They argue that employers...Read More

The Danger of Launching An Unpopular War

One of the circumstances that could theoretically result in massive disobedience and potentially bring the United States Government to its knees is the imposition of a military draft in support of a widely unpopular war. The United States has seen ample evidence of this. Both North and South resorted to conscription during our own Civil War, and the system failed to work effectively for either side. Then, in 1917,...Read More

The Threat of Islamic Extremism & Shariah Law in America

The probability of an Islamic movement obtaining critical mass in the United States, and with it introducing Shariah Law, is not at all remote. US lawmakers have already demonstrated that they desire to place the Quran in a superior position to the Bible. President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and even General Petraeus are all on video record referring to the Quran as the “Holy Quran”; have you ever heard...Read More

Do You Want a 1,000-Year Life Span? The Promise and Perils of Transhumanism

There is a movement afoot, based substantially in Silicon Valley but now taking root around the world, called Transhumanism. Transhumanism purports that illness, social maladies such as a propensity for criminal behavior, aging, and even death are avoidable and in fact will be overcome scientifically in the not-too-distant future. In a recent lecture entitled “Prospects for Extending Healthy Life – A Lot”,...Read More

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