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Want to Boost Your Income and Social Rank? The Answer is Location, Location, Location!

The May 19, 2012 issue of USA Today contains a front page story that reads; “The American Dream? Depends on Where You Live.” According to a recent study by Pew charitable trust, in the United States there is a much better chance of doing well economically if you reside in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massechusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Utah – especially after one’s prime earning...Read More

Labor Unions: Your Tax Dollars at (Less and Less) Work

In a recent issue of The Economist, an article appears entitled: “Boeing Bullied”. As a former Boeing management member, this was of some interest to me. The article opens with what is – for The Economist, anyway – some “high drama”: “After several disruptive and costly strikes in a part of the country where unions are strong, a company opens a new plant in a region where they are weak. The union...Read More

The State of American Conservatism: Observations about the Florida Republican Primaries

Florida has recently been described a microcosm of America by its Governor. Indeed, in many rsspects, it does appear to reflect the attitudes and values of many American conservatives. One byproduct of this condition is that he Florida Republican Primary election this year revealed some interesting things about the values and priorities of American conservatism. A look at the numbers published by USA Today on the...Read More

The Growing Problem of Child Homelessness in America

Child homelessness in America, according to the United States Government, is at the highest level since the Great Depression, and continuing to grow rapidly. More than 1 child in every 50 in the United States is now homeless, according to the National Center on Family Homelessness ( Children are defined as “homeless” by the study when they share the...Read More

There’s No Place Like Home: So Protect It! Lesson #5 (of 7) from the Aftermath of 9/11

In the aftermath of 9/11, perhaps the most obvious lesson was that the United States was inadequately protected against attacks on our homeland. After the dust settled a bit on the shocking results, a task force was formed among members of the US Council on Foreign Relations to review America’s preparedness, and what might be done to improve it. The leader of the task force, Senator Warren Rudman, oversaw the...Read More

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