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Want to Boost Your Income and Social Rank? The Answer is Location, Location, Location!

The May 19, 2012 issue of USA Today contains a front page story that reads; “The American Dream? Depends on Where You Live.” According to a recent study by Pew charitable trust, in the United States there is a much better chance of doing well economically if you reside in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massechusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Utah – especially after one’s prime earning...Read More

Labor Unions: Your Tax Dollars at (Less and Less) Work

In a recent issue of The Economist, an article appears entitled: “Boeing Bullied”. As a former Boeing management member, this was of some interest to me. The article opens with what is – for The Economist, anyway – some “high drama”: “After several disruptive and costly strikes in a part of the country where unions are strong, a company opens a new plant in a region where they are weak. The union...Read More

GM Claims Success by Lowering Expectations

Several years ago I was approached by a client who wanted to co-author a book with me. His idea was to write about an alternative approach to succeeding in business, and his working title was: “Manage your Way to Success by Lowering Expectations.” I was pretty sure at the time that it was an approach I wanted no part of, and so I declined to participate. However, it now looks like my client was ahead of...Read More

Design Your Own Stuff! Cut Out the Middlemen and Design / Build Your Own Products

More than eleven years ago, in April of 2000, I authored an article for the national Tool & Machining Association describing what I believe manufacturing will look like in the future, stretching all of the way out to the year 2050. In one section describing the years between 2010 and 2030, I said: “Net-shape fabrication centers that take raw aluminum and part design data as inputs and yield completed component...Read More

Ramping vs. Readiness: The Case for Conscription Lesson #4 (of 7) from the Aftermath of 9/11

The cost and duration of military conflicts is strongly affected by the time required to assemble, equip, train, and deploy military forces to the theatre of operations. In some cases, the ability to quickly and effectively field combatants ultimately spells the difference between success and failure. Probably the most well known example is the event that became (somewhat erroneously) known as “The Midnight Ride...Read More

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