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William DuncanI am a pretty conservative guy. I am a Midwest factory worker and management type. I have done direct labor jobs as a UAW member, and spent decades in management at top tier manufacturers and high tech Information Technology companies. I view myself as an independent because I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats, but come down on the Republican side most of the time. I am very frustrated with what both parties have been doing over recent decades, and frankly I am having trouble identifying any presidential candidate right now who has a compelling and cogent argument for winning my support. I did take a political science course or two in college, but I am not a scholar in that field nor have I ever been politically active.

These blogs are comprised of my own observations and conclusions based on what I see in the news, and my own analysis. Whenever I refer to an article or quote someone, I do everything I can to make sure they are getting proper attribution, and I usually point the reader back to my source with hyperlinks. These blogs represent what I think about some of the most compelling and controversial issues in Politics and the Economy today. As such, they are almost sure to be offensive to some, and not at all politically correct. I have not set out to offend anyone, but rather to open up a dialog from which I can learn from those with the courage and patience to respond. For that reason, I will end each blog with the words: “What do YOU think?”, and hope that you will share your perspectives. I will screen comments just to be sure that hate mail and profanity doesn’t make it through to the site. Otherwise, I will do my best to keep an open mind about what you say, and ask only that you do the same. Thanks.

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