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Election 2012: America Passes the Tipping Point

I have heard a number of folks today expressing astonishment and dismay about the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election. Astonishment because we have, over the last 4 years, experienced the least effective and most destructive presidential term since the Jimmy Carter days of gas rationing and American hostages in Iran. Dismay because there is no reason to expect that the next 4 years will alter course; we continue to have a Democrat-controlled Senate, a Republican-controlled Congress, and a President with no regard for either of them, or for the Constitution, or for the rule of law.


Looking back on the event, and the circumstances that brought it about, I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. 1. The values of the American populace are being slowly but inexorably shifted from traditional conservative values to more liberal values every day. Things that were clearly and almost universally regarded to be wrong 20 years ago (ranging from abortion to homosexuality) are now not only accepted but widely celebrated, especially in popular media. The perception of “acceptable” and even of “normal” is deliberately being moved to the left. An example is homosexuality. A very small percentage (1 or 2 percent – of the US population considers themselves to be homosexual. And yet it’s almost impossible to watch a popular television show from Revenge to The Good Wife these days without running into at least one gay couple. To describe it as disproportionate with reality would be a gigantic understatement. It is clearly an agenda item for American media aimed (successfully) at moving the general population toward a view that homosexuality is not only tolerable, but perfectly “normal”. 
  2. Religion and religious leaders in America is becoming increasingly liberal in their interpretation of the Bible and increasingly unheeding of basic doctrines of Christianity.  We see this in the growing number of female pastors and church leaders, Gay church leaders and parishioners, and the willingness of seemingly devout Catholics to enthusiastically support politicians who support abortion. At the same time, church attendance is dropping at a dramatic rate, and has been for many years. So even the waning influence of the church is nonexistent in an increasing percentage of the population. (
  3. A significant and growing percentage of the US population is comprised of illegal immigrants who are drawn to the message of no border enforcement, free health care, and generous Government benefits. While no one knows the exact number of course, some recent estimates (cited in Wikipedia) top out at 20 million people. It is certain that this number is in the millions. As the Obama Administration – and Republican administrations before it – have refused to strengthen security along our southern border, allowing more and more of this demographic group to pour in, the broader and deeper the Democrat base becomes. This phenomenon, strengthened further by many states’ resistance to requiring proof of US citizenship of voters, essentially seals the fate of the American political system, and washes like acid across our legal, political, and economic landscape. Essentially, it is as though the Obama Administration is standing along the southern border and handing out money to those who enter, scooped out of the coffers of the dwindling number of US tax payers.


The bottom line here is that America has reached, and now pushed over, a historical tipping point. It is no longer the nation where capitalists reign, building empires that amass great wealth and employ millions – both at home and abroad, but especially at home. While some of that remains, every passing year sees the decline of capitalism in America, and in a direct correlation, the decline in average household income among the middle class. The percent of our population in poverty, and the number of our population depending on food stamps continues to break new records day by day, as the policies of the Obama Administration taker deeper root.

The liberal and myopic policies of the Obama Administration, ranging from ObamaCare, to the auto industry bailout, to the “redistribution” of millions of dollars to now-insolvent “green energy” companies (most of which were owned by Obama campaign contributors from 2008) have driven us past $16 trillion in debt, with a trillion or so added every year. Literally half of the United States now receives some kind of US Government financial benefit. More people are now receivers than contributors. Everyone capable of doing simple arithmatic knows that this cannot continue indefinitely. Yet we witnessed, this very week, evidence that the majority (though a slight majority, it is a growing one) are willing to continue to spend beyond our means – as long as they “get theirs” right now. They care not at all whether their children or grandchildren will have anything left. We have already saddled each of them with nearly a quarter of a million dollars in debt as of today. The end of this road is now plainly visible in Greece, but almost no one is heeding this warning. 

As is so often demonstrated in YouTube videos, “you just can’t fix stupid”. In America, we have managed to combine this with similar axioms: “you just can’t fix selfish”, (those who continue to borrow and spend at the cost of our childrens’ future) and “you just can’t fix lazy”. No one wants to deny Government benefits to anyone who is truly in need; certainly I would never advocate doing that. But it is unfathomable that literally half of the US population truly requires Government financial support. Yet here we are, and a growing percentage of the population just keeps demanding more. God help the United States of America; I am now praying that He will save us from ourselves.


2 Responses to “Election 2012: America Passes the Tipping Point”

  1. C. Kolls says:

    Every single word is accurate and well pointed, Bill. The most relevant to me was “scooped out of the coffers of the dwindling number of US tax payers.” How true it is.

    I have not, in my 47 years, EVER collected one dime of Unemployment Compensation, Welfare, Food Stamps, healthcare, or any other taxpayer funded ‘freebies’ that the Obama cheerleaders feast from. It is becoming increasing evident to me though that those dependent on me to provide for them seem to ‘throw it up in my face’ that they WON! They ‘got their way’ and they put their provider back in office to ensure four more years of lavish government gifts.

    For me, its time to spend some time in the book of Revelation. I join you in prayer for our once Great Nation … God Bless America.


    • Cris, I sincerely wish i could see it another way. But I have seen too much in too many parts of the world to believe that America has anything but A LOT OF SUFFERING headed our way. Sure hope I’m wrong…. Thanks very much for the reply!

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