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Seven Threats to the National Security and Continuity of the United States of America

There are at least seven real threats to the national security and continuity of the United States of America that are not widely recognized. In a series of 6 articles over the next 6 weeks, I will describe each of them, explaining why they are a threat, and the likelihood that as each of them grows in severity, it could become a force that destroys our current US Governing structure, and our economy.

The first threat is the growth of violent radical Islamic fundamentalism inside US borders. The current explosion in private Muslim schools inside the United States, the vast majority of which are teaching from texts that advocate violence against non-Muslims, presents an ominous picture of what lays ahead against the backdrop of activities undertaken by the US since 9/11.

The second threat is financial meltdown of the US economy, which is already staggering badly under the crushing burden of Federal debt and malfeasance by our legislators and other Federal leaders. Such a catastrophe would send the entire world economy into a wild tailspin.

Threat #3 is the rescinding of critical rights currently enjoyed by America as elements in our Bill of Rights. With the current pressure on civilian rights resulting from the need for stronger Homeland Security and the Federal Government taking over everything from the big auto companies to health care, America is on her way to serious problems.

The fourth threat is – believe it or not – a shortage of clean, drinkable water – which of course would translate rapidly into a shortage of food. The pace at which America is encountering water shortages across the continental United States would probably surprise you, and the fact is that no one really knows how much water exists in our natural underground supply.

Threat #5 is that the United States Government could be drawn into another unpopular war – like a war with Libya, or far worse – which is then supported by a Selective Service draft. The anti-war protests of the 1960s would pale in comparison to the havoc that could be wreaked with modern technology. Where violence was relatively infrequent in the 60s, there were groups like the Weathermen involved who were willing to employ bombings, stone throwing, and other violent tactics. Enormous technical know-how is available on the web today. The materials and technology used to produce improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are readily available. We now have ubiquitous communication / coordination capabilities offered by the world wide web. If violent extremists who are willing to use bombs to rail against the Government (e.g. William Ayers) equip themselves with all of those tools, the situation could get very ugly in very short order.

The sixth article in the series pertains to the threat posed by Federal, State, and local seizure of private property by law enforcement agencies. The scope and frequency of this activity that occurs today is absolutely frightening, and recognized by very few of us. The real question is how much can be taken away from us before we rebel as a nation? The answer might surprise you.

The seventh and final article in the series pertains to the threat of cyber attacks (computer and telecommunications based attacks) launched against the United States by our traditional enemies (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) or by terrorist organizations. These attacks are occurring with increasing frequency and sophistication, and many of the potential targets – such as US power grids – have little or no real protection. They are now being described by senior level US intelligence and defense officials as the most likely source the “the next Pearl Harbor”.

Shown below are a couple of charts that reflect the relative likelihood of each of these threats resulting in a catastrophic, debilitating result for the United States of America. But to understand them, you must read the individual articles to follow. As I investigated the things that pose the greatest threat to our nation, one thing became clear to me. As individual citizens, we often do not respond to threats, dangers, and injustices until they affect us personally. Most people are uncaring and unwilling to risk their own safety and their personal fortunes on behalf of others. Further, even when the Government comes in and seizes personal property or even private homes unjustly, it does not stir surrounding communities to band together and stop these actions from continuing. It seems that we will allow almost any action on the part of Government – local, state, or federal – and do little or nothing. After reviewing each of these scenarios, the pattern that is revealed to me is that we will allow anything and everything to be taken from us except our families. I believe that almost everyone would stand up and resist if people came knocking at the door to take away their children. But short of that, looking at what is occurring in America today with increasing frequency and scope, a frightening image is emerging. As Abraham Lincoln observed, this country – still the greatest country on Earth – can only be destroyed from within. I am no conspiracy theorist, but it seems clear to me after looking at the facts that the seeds of that destruction have been planted.

I hope you will take the time to read this series of articles, and as always, I would love to receive your feedback!





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